CT Scanners

neuviz 64 InEn ct scan
Neuviz 64 InEn ct scan

. Thoughtful design offers you a pleasant aesthetic
. Unique Quad-Sampling Technology, improves acquisition
density and increases scanning speed
. O-Dose Platform combined with ClearView Iterative
Reconstruction technology provide true ALARA images
. Robust cardiac applications change sophisticated
examination to routine scan
. Powerful workstation eases your clinical application
with seamless workflow

neuviz dual ct-scan
neuviz dual ct-scan

NeuViz Dual Dual-Slice CT Scanner System

An affordable and realible system with the newest,
future-ortiented technology

. 0.8s full 360 scanning,0.9s reconstruction
time and 0.8mm minimum slice thickness
. A wide portfolio of clinical applications
. 2x10mm dual slice GOS solid detector
. Auto film and auto sending make image
processing more convinient
. Sub-second full 360 scanning,sub-second
reconstruction time and sub-millimeter
slice thickness
. 2X10mm dual slice,high efficiency detector
. DICOM 3.0 Standard interface

x ray neuviz 128
CT-Scan NEUVIZ 128