NeuVision 350/360

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The Neuvision 350/360 is a full electric, double track, five-axis suspension and multifunctional digital radiography system. And multi angle, high precision and synchronous tracking system can make your efficiency being greatly improved.

Technical Excellence:

Diagnostic efficiency is greatly improved by the NeuVision Sight system platform with integrated “Drive” technology, cloud-based computing, and multi-task parallel processing

Large size, high sensitivity and high definition whole plate amorphous silicon detector

Gain exquisite image details with S.E.P processing technology

Our unique image stitching software broadens the scope of clinical application by presenting seamless spine and leg imaging

User-friendly Design:

A 5-axis self-balancing ceiling system and electric design maintain stability and smooth operation

Wireless infrared remote control ensures safe operation of the device from a distance

Offer your technicians enhanced visual presentation and workflow efficiency with our oversized

touch-activated capacitive screen and gravity inductive composition mode

Interactive intercom system and new visual guide system enhance patient communication and experience

Networked Solution:

Integrates with RIS/HIS through fully automatic data exchange to streamline data input and support remote consultation for challenging cases

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