PH Meter PHB-4

PH Meter PHB-4

The main features
3 backlit LCD display (optional)
Has the function of automatic calibration
PH, mV, temperature and temperature display at the same time
With manual temperature compensation function
Novel appearance, easy to carry, easy to operate
With the E-201-CpH composite electrode
Measurement Range:
PH: (0.00~14.00)PH
Mv: (-1400~1400)Mv

PH: 0.01pH
Mv: 1Mv

Ph: ± 0.03pH
Mv: : ± 0.2/100 (FS)± 1bit

Input Impedance:
1*1012 Ω


Auto.Temp.Compensation range:
0~60º C Measured Solution: 5~60º C