Electro convulsion therapy machine ECT

Electro convulsion therapy machine ECT


This ECT Machine is Somaitcs most current model machine. This is a complete system in excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. Hard to find one this complete so you better grab it while you have the chance. I was able to power it up and it passes the internal “selftest”. The buttons and displays properly respond and the printer is working. I did test the ECT output with a voltmeter and it is working. I guarantee it will not be DOA.

Comes with the Somatics Thymatron System IV Electroconvulsive device, Built in printer, operating manual, ECT Stimulus leads, Patient EEG/ECG/EMG leads and power cord. The printer is working properly and displaying the correct date/time. I have posted several pictures during my testing. According to the Somatics website this device is better than the MECTA machine in capability and treatment. Their website is very informative and I suggest you take a look at www.thymatron.com

The American Psychiatric Association reaffirmed ECT as effective for all types of major depression and manic-depressive illness, and for some instances of schizophrenia.

•Somatics Inc.
•ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy Device
•Model: Thymatron System IV
•Serial No: 40765
•115/230 V – 50/60 – 150VA
•Operating Manual (photocopy)
•ECT Stimulus Leads
•Patient Monitor Acqusition Module & Connector Leads
•Partial roll print paper
•EEG / ECG / EMG Monitor function
•Energy Knob Adjustment (5-100) (100% = 504mC)
•Impendence Test Button
•ECT Stimulus output port
•EEG/ECG/EMG output port
•2 LED Diplay (Percent energy 5%-100%)
•Hospital Grade Power cord


This system is complete system. It is in excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. It powers up and properly passes the internal self check and displays “ready” on the screen. Responds to the controls properly. The printer is working properly. I used my voltmeter to ensure there was ECT output voltage and there is. No other testing has been done. The painted finish is really nice but there are a couple minor scratches and nicks. I believe this system is in working condition and ready to use as soon as you receive it.