dental chair zc-s400

dental chair zc-s400


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ZC-S400 Luxurious boast both fashionable personalization and excellent reliability.

ZC-S400 Luxurious
220┬▒10V, 50┬▒1Hz
Air pressure
Water pressure
Power Source
1500*1100*1300 mm
Gross weight


1. Chair
a. Seamless PU seat with backrest and headrest: 1 set
b. Imported silent motor: 2 pieces
c. Nine recorded seat positions by programming
d. Compensating system for interaction
e. Foot pedal that realizes rinsing (for mouth) and flushing (for cuspidor) functions
f. Patient chair with single armrest
g. Dentist stool: 1 set
2. Unit Body and Instrument Tray
a. Imported handpiece tubing: 3 pieces
b. Pressure gauge
c. 3-way syringe: 2 pieces (cold & warm)
d. Built-in 24V X-ray viewer: 1 set
e. Two instrument trays
f. Saliva ejector (water) and high volume evacuator (air)
g. Seamless rotatable ceramic cuspidor bowl
h. Cold light lamp with sensor
i. Double water bottles or one water bottle with disinfectant bottle
j. Tissue box, paper cup dispenser and trinket tray
k. Anti-retraction system
l. Assistant control panel
m. Saliva suction filter system
Join Champ Dental Chair Optional Device
There are some optional devices for our dental chair package, and they are all of high quality.
1. Top-mounted instrument tray
2. Control system for cart
3. Natural leather patient chair with backrest and headrest
4. Scaler
5. Curing light
6. Intra-oral camera system
7. Control panel with 7-inch touch screen
8. Monitor bracket
9. Built-in junction box
10. High-speed air turbine handpiece
11. Low-speed air motor handpiece
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