Radiography Made Easy
DigiEye 280 is a floor-mounted DR system powered by Mindray’s
innovative technology. Portable flat detector designed to meet all
your clinical requirements.

Flexible and Efficient Positioning:
Positioning is the same with conventional radiography without any change.
Shift rapidly from standing position to lying position, Fixed floating table can reduce patients moving time greatly and improve throughput.

Portable Detector to Meet all Clinical Applications:
Single detector system provides you with most flexibility for all applications on wallstand and table.
On a stretcher bed or wheelchair, patients can be examined directly, to avoid secondary injury caused by moving.

Advanced Technologies Bring Excellent Image Quality:
Higher frequency generator, and durable tube ensure the quality of X-ray. High DQE of flat-panel detector makes better image quality while reducing the X-ray dose for clinical diagnosis.

Multi-functional Operator Console:
One button power on/off
Patient information input and retrieval
Exposure parameters adjustment
Image acquisition, automatic optimization and post-processing
Image print, transfer and storage

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