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Superstar 0.35T MRI is designed around a high homogeneity permanent magnet, and integrated with high-field MRI technology, achieving high system performance and excellent image quality. The system has a large bore clearance which is ideal for claustrophobic and large patients. This coupled with the wide array of clinical applications available on this platform makes it a leader in the open bore MRI segments.


Class leading user interface software

Neusoft has a rich history developing software systems that are intuitive and user friendly

The unique Scan Card system guides the technician effortlessly through the patient examination

This improves the system throughput and enhances the overall patient experience by minimizing scan time

Advanced hardware configuration

Rapid switching of powerful gradients gives the Superstar 0.35T the ability to perform rapid, thin slice examinations

The multi-channel RF system allows the Superstar 0.35T to cover large anatomical areas without compromising image quality

Faster examinations with superior image quality, this is what defines a “Market Leader” in the open bore MRI

High-field clinical application, low-field economy

DWI, B-FFE3D, DIXON, Dynamic enhancement curve, ROKAR and Sense, are applications that were once reserved for high field systems

Using the superior technology of the Superstar 0.35T, these techniques are now available on more economical low field platform

The Superstar 0.35T represents the “best of both worlds”

High ROI (Return on Investment)

The magnet system makes siting and acquiring the Superstar 0.35T more cost effective than a superconductive system with almost the same clinical capabilities

Without cryogens or cold head maintenance requirements the Superstar 0.35T cost of ownership is much lower than a comparably equipped superconductive system

Post warranty service support is competitively priced and includes software upgrades. The Superstar 0.35T is the right choice in this era of “declining reimbursement”

Comfortable patient experience

With its wide bore and easy access, the Superstar 0.35T is the perfect imaging choice for claustrophobic or mobility challenged patients

Acoustic noise reduction technology is used to reduce scanning noise by 33%

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