SinoAfrica Medicines and Health Ltd participated in the 25th annual meeting of UGANDA SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF RADIOLOGY AND IMAGING (USOFARI)

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    On November 9th and 10th, 2018, at the Royal Hotel Kampala, the theme of the conference revolved around practical issues in Uganda's emergency radiology and radiation protection, in order to allow participants to select appropriate and practical images for critically ill patients. The method to explain radiographic images and to understand the radiation protection aspects of different radiography sub-professionals. Understand the proper use of CT and apply this understanding to clinical background checks, including emergency abdominal, chest and neuroradiology, MRI emergency radiology, breast imaging, and interventional radiology in critically ill patients, CT plain film radiation protection (digital / Analog) Radiation dose management, including Class I credits. USOFARI expressed gratitude and appreciation to our company for its support throughout the year.