suction machine

suction machine YX980D

. Providing exetremely high flow and efficient vacuum generation-the required vacuum is available
within seconds;oil-less vacuum source and maintenance-free.
. The levell of vacuum required is controlled by the vacuum regulator and showed on the vacuum meter.
. The overflow protection device prevents liquid or solid particles from entering the intermediate tubing and pump;the bacterial filter for single use can eliminate airborne contamination
. Two transparent unbreakable jars graduated 4000ml made of polycarbonate(PC) can be autoclavable
. Change-over valve offers for manual selecting collection jar rapidly;the rinsing-cup is used for placing catheter before or after operation
. The comfortable handle made of stainless makes it easy to move about;the accessory-box back of the case is ready for laying foot-switch and power cord during movement or storage
1     Max vacuum: ≥0.09MPa (680mmHg)
2     Adjustable vacuum range: 0.02MPa~0.09MPa
3     Flow rate:≥80L/min
4     Noise: ≤60dB(A)
5     Jar : 4000mL×2
6     Power supply:AC220  50Hz
7     Input power: 280VA
8     Dim: 49cm ×39cm×94cm
9     G.W./N.W.: 27/24kg

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